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Domination Attack

This is a multiplayer map made by Loffy for the modification (mod) ET Domination by Lanz. ET Domiantion is a brilliant mod for Enemy Territory, and it has a Powerball-mode and a CTF-mode. This map supports both.

This map, entitled Domination Attack (abbreviated Dom Attack or dom_attack), has an easy-to-understand and no-nonsense layout. All fragging takes place on floors (there are ramps, stairs and fast elevators) and the Axis and Allied bases are identical and mirrored. The map is 3-dimensional, i.e. with a “non-flat feeling” where the player will have to look both up and down to spot enemies in order to stay alive. The map works perfect for both the Powerball-mode and the CTF-mode (two modes for the ET Domination mod). The map has been tested for both the vanilla 1.0 and the patched 1.1 ET Domination installs.

Both teams have an initial respawn-time of 2 seconds. Whenever a team score, that time will increase with 1 second. For example, if the Axis scores twice, their respawn-time will now be 4 seconds. N.B.: When the respawn-time reaches 10 seconds, it will not increase anymore. Max respawn-time on this map is 10 seconds.

Download the Domination Attack .pk3-file for players (Right-Click “Save As”…).

Download the Domination Attack .map editor file for custom mappers (Right-Click “Save As”…).

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