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Domination Loffys Madness

This is a multiplayer map made by Loffy for the modification (mod) ET Domination by Lanz. It’s a brilliant mod for Enemy Territory, and it has a Powerball-mode and a CTF-mode. This map supports both.

This map, entitled Domination Loffys Madness, is a medium-sized map for 6-12 players on each team. Respawn-times are kept short, for faster gameplay. Match-time: 20 minutes. The bases are identical and mirrored.

Both teams have an initial respawn time of 2 seconds. Whenever a team scores, their respawn time will increase with 1 second. For example, when a team scores twice their respawntime will be 4 seconds. When the respawn time reaches 10 seconds, it will not increase anymore. Max respawntime on this map is 10 seconds.

When a team makes enough scores, one of its target (i.e. the goal) will vanish. The team will then have to run even further into enemy territory to score their next goal. This makes it harder for the team to score again. The idea is to aid the loosing team.

When a team makes enough scores, its spawn-area will be pushed backwards. The purpose is again to aid the loosing team.

Two powerballs are spawned when the match start! The purpose is to create mayhem and fun for the players who enjoy this great mod. The balls spawns in the centre of the map, on different floors.

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