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How to install

Instagibmod ETQW beta version 0.1
by Lifetap

1. Quick introduction
This mod is an instagib mod for Enemy Territory: QUAKE Wars (TM), beta version 0.1 released August 18 2008.
All players have railguns, no other weapons. The railgun kills players in one hit, has infinite ammo and no spread. The game is slightly faster than regular ETQW, because you can sprint in all directions and forward sprint is faster than normal.
A new gametype is introduced, Team Deathmatch (TDM), where the team with the most kills wins, either after reaching a scorelimit or when the time is up. The scoreboard has been changed to show stats more relevant to TDM.

2. Installation and game setup
Make a folder called instagibmod in your Enemy Territory: QUAKE Wars game folder (C:\Program Files\id Software\Enemy Territory – QUAKE Wars\ or similar). Place instagibmod-win32.pk4 and instagibmod-pak000.pk4 (and any mod maps) in the new instagibmod folder.
To start Instagibmod, start your Enemy Territory: QUAKE Wars game. On the main menu screen, after the introduction video, click the “Mods” button in the lower right corner. Select Instagibmod ETQW beta 0.1 and click Play. The game will restart and load Instagibmod. You can then join an Instagibmod server online or play against bots offline.
If you are having troubles starting a map/campaign using spawnServer, make sure si_rules is set to instagibTeamDeathMatch or instagibCampaignTeamDeathMatch.

For server admins
Make sure your server config doesn’t override the new default values of pm_sprintspeedforward, pm_sprintspeedstrafe and g_showPlayerArrows, and that si_rules is set to instagibTeamDeathMatch or instagibCampaignTeamDeathMatch. The scorelimit can be set with the console command admin setTdmScorelimit.

3. Uninstalling
ETQW saves game data in three locations: the folder where you installed the game, in your Local settings folder, and in My Documents. Remove the following folders and their content to uninstall Instagibmod:
* C:\Program Files\id Software\Enemy Territory – QUAKE Wars\instagibmod
* C:\Documents and Settings\<username>\ Local Settings\Application Data\id Software\Enemy Territory – QUAKE Wars\instagibmod
* C:\Documents and Settings\<username>\My Documents\ id Software\Enemy Territory – QUAKE Wars\instagibmod

On Vista, the Documents and Settings folder is called Users and the Local Settings folder is C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Local. If you have installed the mod by downloading it from a game server, you might not have an instagibmod folder in your game folder. The paths listed above might vary depending on your system, but hopefully you will have an idea of where to look.

4. Feature list
* All players have railgun only
* Railgun has infinite ammo, scope, no spread and does 1000 damage to infantry and vehicles
* Swimming does not inhibit weapon use
* Sprinting in all directions is possible
* Sprinting while crouching or prone is possible (not enabled by default, can be changed serverside, sprint speed based on pm_sprintspeedforward)
* Respawn time changed to 2 seconds on the official maps
* Megatexture autodownload from server (thanks to Mxyzptlk)
* Scoreboard lists class, name, kills, deaths, ratio, ping
* Team scores listed on the hud
* Game ends when a team reaches the server-side set scorelimit (or, if the scorelimit is 0, the game ends with the timelimit and the leading team wins)

Added serverside cvars list:
* igib_allowSprintCrouch: whether to allow sprinting while crouching or not (default 0)
* igib_allowSprintProne: whether to allow sprinting while prone or not (default 0)
* igib_sprintspeedback: speed the player can move backwards while sprinting (default 352, same as pm_sprintspeedforward: set to 176 to disallow sprinting backwards)
* igib_tdmScorelimit: sets the scorelimit, set to 0 to end games when the time is up (default 30)
* si_rules instagibTeamDeathMatch, instagibCampaignTeamDeathMatch: the new gametypes

Edited old cvars:
* pm_sprintspeedforward: default set to 425, old default 352
* pm_sprintspeedstrafe: default set to 352, old default 176
* g_showPlayerArrows: default set to 2, old default 1

5. Credits
* Lifetap: mod and mapping
* Loffy: mapping

6. Contact
* Website: http://loffysdomain.com (loffyswe@yahoo.se)

Instagib ETQW

This is the official site of the Instagib mod for Enemy Territory: QUAKE Wars (TM). The latest version is 0.1 beta. In addition to downloading the mod, you can also download maps for use with the mod.